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Developing Young Athletes Network Podcast

Sep 18, 2018

Hello everyone please join me in our first ever intro episode of the DYA Network.

Are you a coach, parent or someone who is looking for resources and information that can improve a young athletes overall development on and off the field? If your answer is yes then the DYA Network is here to serve you. My name is David Edwards and I am the host and founder of the DYA Network. DYA stands for (Developing Young Athletes) our goal is provide you with information and resources from a global network of experts who have the passion and motivation in helping develop athletes in sports performance and human performance.

If your looking for ways to train, coach, motivate, educate and inspire the young athlete then this is the show for you.  This is just a small snapshot of what we will be covering on the show. I’ll also give you a little background on myself and why I started this podcast.

NO ONE develops a young athlete alone. Click on the RSS feed and join the DYA Network to learn how we can help you motivate, educate and inspire the young athlete.

 I look forward to you listening and thank you.


Show Host and Founder

DYA Network