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Developing Young Athletes Network Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

Today our guest has experience in being an athlete and knowing what it takes to “fuel” an athlete. Growing up she was a competitive swimmer and then in her teenage years, she transitioned into triathlons and bike racing. Being a competitor she wanted to give herself an edge in competition and nutrition was one of...

Aug 28, 2020

Over the past couple of weeks, we have discussed how to build the Athlete off of the playing field and court. Today I bring you a great THROWBACK that will tie it all together. Tune in as we bring you a speech by a legendary entrepreneur/coach that explains how we can create our success or failures.

Aug 24, 2020

Today concludes our August month of athlete development off the playing field/court. Learn how to empower yourself as an athlete and a person, and WHO is responsible for the outcomes in your life.

Aug 21, 2020

On today’s Athlete Tip Of The Week Friday we learn about the power of persistence and how this important life skill can be a tool to help totally develop the young athlete.

Aug 17, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to the DYA Network that we call Network Nation. As you know I am excited every week to introduce our guest today because he found his passion at a young age and is truly doing his life’s purpose. For over two decades he has impacted the lives of young girls and boys helping them...