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Developing Young Athletes Network Podcast

Sep 24, 2018

Our guest today grew up with the love of sports in his heart and mind. He once described his younger years as one of those kids who played football in his backyard by himself creating imaginary games and commenting on plays in his head.  By the age of 8 he moved from the Capital of Australia to Melbourne where he fell in love with Aussie Rules football.

He played high level junior football (Australian Rules) and was selected to the state squad. One of his greatest moments in football was when he played a “knock-out semi-final" before the AFL Finals in the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

He transitioned from being a player to a coach at the age of 24. He stepped in as the Head Coach of the AFL Team Canada-the national team for Australian rules football and now lives in Toronto Canada.

His passion for sports continues in a different venue as a writer. He writes for various media outlets including his own sports blog and is also a managing partner for NTSQ sports group which is a sports media and events marketing firm that specializes in endurance sports.

He spent time in the corporate sector of business where he noticed a similarity between sports and business leading to the inspiration for his self published book “Where Others Won’t” Taking people innovation from the locker room into the boardroom. He has a passion for sports, entrepreneurship and business.